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  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  

Brown.jpg Your employees, like those of every company, have life problems that can grow into major issues, potentially disrupting their ability to function at work, at home and in their personal relationships.

When employees suffer with situations or conditions they feel are beyond their control, they too often hesitate to reach out — because they don’t know how, or where, to turn. The MHNet Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers the confidential support and direction your employees need anytime, day or night.  MHNet Master's-level counselors answer the toll-free EAP phone number 24/7.  Your employees and their dependents can always reach a caring, compassionate professional, ready to help the caller start on the path to resolving any life issue and return to full productivity in the workplace.

Issues and concerns receive prompt, courteous attention from our Master’s-level counselors. These trained professionals will listen to your employees and, based upon their expert EAP intake assessment, will help them to decide on what services would be most helpful and appropriate, from brief, solution-focused counseling and/or community resources to more intensive treatment for more serious or chronic issues.

MHNet's comprehensive EAP services focus on prevention, early intervention, and education targeted towards the personal factors that can influence an employee's well-being and work performance. By assisting troubled employees with their life problems we improve their productivity and protect the employer's interests in a cost-effective manner.  Our EAP is completely confidential within the limits of the law and provided at no cost to the employee as a company-sponsored benefit.  MHNet offers a variety of program models, such as Telephone-only; 3-, 5-, 7- or other EAP session models; or EAP integrated with Work-Life and/or behavioral health services.  Our EAP models are flexible, so we can custom-design a program for your company and budget, while delivering a positive impact on your organization's bottom line.

  Work-Life Program  

Orange.jpg MHNet's Work-Life Program provides corporate customers with a tool to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, improve morale, enhance recruitment and experience higher retention rates.

The very best employees, by definition, are leading lives where work, home, pleasure, and family are intersecting and constantly jostling for time and energy.

The MHNet Work-Life solution delivers verified resources to address virtually any dependent care need and can combine our EAP services with specialized programs to further improve the well-being of your employees.  Callers to Work-Life services speak live to a Work-Life Specialist, who gathers information from the caller to assess specific needs and offers immediate assistance and answers to questions. The Work-Life Specialist will then utilize MHNet's national resource to locate dependent care facilities and providers near where the caller works or lives.  Unlike other companies that simply provide a printout of a database, MHNet Work-Life Specialists personally call each potential resources to verify availability, licensure, and ability to meet the caller's specific needs. The Work-Life Specialist then mails a packet of information including the verified referrals, as well as topical information related to the caller's request.

MHNet Employer Services Division’s Work-Life Program offers down-to-earth help for sorting out some of the most challenging aspects of staying productive and happy.

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Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our EAP and Work-Life Services.

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